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Things aren’t always as they seem or appear are they? Some companies make outrageous product claims and promises and when it comes time to deliver…they disappear. How about the companies who employ ‘wannabe’s who claim to have military SF backgrounds only to be discovered when pressured? Sorry to inform you but they’re out there. Our industry, tactical law enforcement and military manufacturing and sales, is as susceptible to liars, cheats and bull-shitters as any other industry and ultimately the decision falls on your shoulders to make certain the person and company they represent are legitimate. How do you find out? Do a little due diligence on your end. Ask the company, you’re interested in doing business with, for a list of clients – including addresses, email and telephone numbers. If they only provide a half dozen or so or show any hesitation in providing your requested information…walk away. If a supplier and/or manufacturer of generally used tactical equipment tells you that their list of clients is confidential…walk away. Check military and law enforcement BLOGs on the net – if you see a significant number of negative comments regarding a company’s products or customer service…walk away. Make certain an individual or company who distributes another company’s products has significant knowledge of the product(s) you’re interested in and can provide warranty and non-warranty service for years to come. Nothing’s worse than investing in products only to find when there is an operational question or repair requirement – the distributor you bought it from is incapable of providing anything more than lip service. Don’t misunderstand, there are many great individuals and companies in our marketplace – simply be aware that like any industry – there are snakes among us. We call them the ‘AFM’ types which translates to an individual or company who will do Anything For Money.

With the advent of the Internet, some communication accessory suppliers have chosen to make outrageous claims about their products and services; and some of them exaggerate about their client base. Others tout themselves as the “World’s Leading Provider” of this or that, while others want you to believe they design and manufacture 15-20 different headsets when, in fact, the headsets they are marketing are actually manufactured by a range of other companies in various parts of the world, and those manufacturers can have widely varying levels of competence and quality control which can obviously lead to product ultimately being delivered to the end-user which varies in quality, durability and reliability. We, on the other hand, believe that any tactical product should perform flawlessly in real world operating conditions – time after time after time. We choose not to make outrageous claims and unlike the overwhelming majority of suppliers of tactical communications in the United States, a significant portion of our product line is designed and manufactured by us. We oversee quality control at the manufacturing level and are there for our operators when modifications are requested or issues arise. We know our MH Series products, push-to-talk assemblies, options and accessories because we designed and manufacture them. Do we utilize outside sources? Absolutely! We enjoy value-added relationships with some of the largest law enforcement and military product manufacturers in the world including 3/M Peltor, Selex Communications, Phonak and Racal/Esterline Communications. By value added, we mean many times we will bring one of the above-mentioned manufacturer's headsets in for example and add our lower push-to-talk assemblies, cables, connector and accessories in an effort to better meet the requirements of a particular client.

Many companies in the North America, as well as abroad, market products for tactical operators under what can only be described as a ‘fog’ or ‘veil’ – utilizing internal buzzwords for technology or designs they had absolutely no involvement in whatsoever, yet the manner in which they describe and advertise products is ambiguous enough to make a prospective client believe the marketer is the actual designer and/or manufacturer of the products. We’re not saying every company takes this approach but it has truly become a ‘Buyer Beware’ market in many instances over the past 5-10 years. We receive calls from current and prospective clients regularly and are amazed at things they’re being told by companies, within our industry, about the origin of their products and/or the supplier’s claims of their involvement in the design and manufacture of products. Let’s cut to the chase – the majority of tactical communication headsets available in North America are not designed nor manufactured here. Most comms marketers are dealers or distributors of products manufactured overseas by companies, who many times, have little or no expertise in the fields of tactical communications. We see headsets marketed by multiple suppliers under different names when in fact it is the same headset imported into North America. There are competent manufacturers and suppliers out there and they are truthful about their products, capabilities and limitations. We simply caution you to ask questions and evaluate a supplier’s products and claims. Once again, we encourage you to ask for references and testimonials. This unique niche market is one where information is shared between end-users about products, manufacturers and suppliers – they want their fellow operators to have dependable tools in order to carry out their missions successfully and safely.

You'll find when working with us you have choices. Our company currently has nearly 20 divisions building various products for a highly diverse LE and Military client base - as you'll see as you browse our website. Need something tweaked to meet your specific application? -- ask. We have a research and development team in Topeka, KS who specialize in small custom orders and R&D builds primarily geared toward the SOF community.

Do we utilize distributors? Yes - BUT – you will find, on our authorized distributor link on this website, not 100 or 200 companies. Our distributors are screened, interviewed face-to-face, investigated and evaluated before being granted a distributorship. They must provide proof of a history, through referrals, of competent and timely customer service. As you will see, our authorized Distributor Group is not lengthy; rather, it has been carefully evaluated and slowly built. Our distributors are required to make a financial investment in our product line. Our distributor list reflects several companies who represent over a decade of distributing and servicing our products. For those of you located in the United States, you will notice an elite few U.S. distributors all of whom reflect a positive history and trustworthiness with the client base we/they serve. These distributors are mandated, by us, to never sell product above our company’s Government List Price – assuring the client that they are receiving fair pricing when choosing to work with a distributor, rather than our company direct.

Our company takes a firm stance regarding honesty in our relationships with past, current and potential future law enforcement and military professionals. If we can’t meet your needs or requirements, we’ll tell you. We’ll even recommend another company’s products if we believe they more closely meet your needs, and if we are confident that competitor will deal with you honestly. Yes, there are still some companies out there that share our belief that each and every client is just as important as the next and deserve to be handled with the utmost integrity…but you don’t have to take our word for it. Simply let us prove it to you!

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