Welcome to the website of North America's largest custom tactical communication's designer, manufacturer and supplier. We also distribute and perform value added work for tactical & covert communication manufacturers and suppliers including 3M/Peltor, Esterline/Racal Acoustics, Selex Communications and Phonak Communications.

Founded in 1989, Atlantic Signal has now been on the cutting edge of tactical communications for 25 years. What began as the company responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing the world's first bone conduction headset with members of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team - has grown throughout the years to become one of the largest suppliers of communication headsets and accessories to SWAT teams throughout the United States as well as overseas. Furthermore, the company prides itself in being one of the most significant communication suppliers to the U.S. Military as well as their NATO Military counterparts around the world. What began as a company with a single headset and push-to-talk to offer, now offers hundreds of combinations of headsets, push-to-talks, accessories and radio interfaces.

The company has designed, developed and manufactured wireless communication devices, portable vehicular intercoms, smart phone interfaces, multiple application DOD/General Aviation platform ICS cables, heavy equipment communication solutions and tactical medic intercoms to name just a few of our successful products. We work directly with end-users from backgrounds as diverse as the White House, USSOCOM, FBI SOU, Marine One, US Secret Service and thousands of others both CONUS and OCONUS. Over the course of three years the company, with the hands-on input and feedback of a US Counter-Terrorism Team, designed, developed and manufactured the DOMINATOR II Communications Suite - worn by several of the operators on the mission responsible for eliminating Osama Bin Laden.

This website will be ever-changing. The company developed and successfully brought to market nearly three dozen new products in 2012 and is continuing the trend. We encourage you to return periodically for details on new products. Furthermore, if you have a concept for a product applicable to our fields of expertise, reach out to us and we'll help evaluate your concept, development time/ costs and market applicability.

We have a research and development team responsible for working with clients to overcome communication obstacles. The team is also very adept at modifying existing systems to meet today's real-world RQTs. We believe, because of the latitude and trust placed in the team by management, there are fewer obstacles to overcome with Atlantic Signal than those of our competitors.
We're asked, from time to time, why we've chosen to align ourselves with the companies with whom we have relationships today. Our response is simple: why re-invent the wheel when someone has already successfully done so? We tend to 'value-add' our expertise and or products and accessories with our partner's product offerings - (i.e.) connect a partner's headset to one of our nearly twenty push-to-talk models versus perhaps the only one or two the partner has to offer - thus providing our client's with the option's flexibility to more closely 'dial-in' specifically what they're wanting rather than limiting their choices.

We're asked, from time to time, why we don't list pricing on our website and a method of buying products online. It's simple: Virtually everything we offer is custom manufactured to the purchaser's requirements - from right or left mounted microphones to push to talk buttons being manufactured and installed inboard or outboard on our PTT assemblies (depending upon personal preference ) right down to custom cable lengths. We're not a Wal-Mart or your local grocery store. We design, manufacture and sell custom tactical communication solutions -- tailored to meet your RQTs -- thus no PayPal, Amazon links or eBay solutions either. We want to know your needs intimately so you ultimately receive and operate with exactly what you wanted - not what you thought you were getting based upon a picture or two on a website and a couple 'Buy' and 'Check-Out' links.

We're here for you - the law enforcement and military operator. To make you safer and more lethal. We will never offer a low quality solution in an effort to meet a competitor's low-ball prices - never! Our reputation and your satisfaction will not be compromised.

To keep up with our ever changing product mix, travels, expo participation, charity involvement and more - we encourage you to LIKE our FACEBOOK page. We update it with news several times a week. If you see a new item you like or want to learn more about on our FACEBOOK page, you will be able to find additional information on this website.

It is an honor for both myself and our team to be afforded the trust you place in us to build products for you. You have our word we will meet or exceed your expectations with regard to our products and service. Those commitments hold true from our distributors as well.

We wish you God's speed in carrying out your missions whether stateside or abroad. We pray your aim is straight and your efforts successful. We thank each and every one of you for what you do for all of us and our country. Our commitment to you remains steadfast and vigilant.



Randall Hedrick
Director of Operations
Managing General Partner